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Minature update... [Jun. 19th, 2008|01:18 pm]
[Current Location |Work]
[mood |fullfull]

as a minute amount of stuff has happened...

haha... i dropped a bit of biscuit in the keyboard... it just crunched when I pressed F. 

So last night... got home eventually, dozed a bit, then acually fell asleep. 
Woke up at five past nine... oops, was gonna go up to Jems at 9...

Too tired for band practice =[

Made Chicken Fajita's, with Turkey because its cheaper, for tea. YUM =]

Then I got into bed and watched Mallrats. About twice. Then fell asleep.
Then woke up at like half 1 (thanks to a drunken phonecall. I can't complain, its usually me who does that) and the film was on again... That dvd doesn't stop on the menu when the film finishes... it just plays over and over!

Just work.
Did my little speech in team brief. Apparently it was good.
I was shaking when I sat back down. haha.

This biscuit is good.

Aaaannnndddd..... tonight...

think I'm off to 7CC.
If they get new drums. BROCK!! lol.

If not, fajitas and an early night =]

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I can't stop... [Jun. 18th, 2008|05:42 pm]
[Current Location |Work, still]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |Kids in Glass Houses =P]

...listening to Kids in Glass Houses!
I tried changing CD's for a bit, but keep putting this one back on...

I love this Album so much. Best CD I've bought in ages!

This band make me smile. 
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She cries, coz she's lost... And she doesn't even know what she wants... [Jun. 18th, 2008|04:41 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]
[Current Location |Work]
[mood |jealousjealous]
[music |Madina Lake]

Hi   =]


Did hardly anything.

It was great. Early night Saturday… sleep in Sunday. No training =)

So… Lazy day. Beck was round which was nice. Emz has awesome nails. Getting mine sorted soon =] talons and that.

Then went to our first band practice.

Daaaaaaaave – Vocals.

Lo-Dogg – Guitar.

Tig – Bass/Vocals (alcohol dependant)

Rygza – Drums.

We are Period Blood.




Good timez.





Had an important meeting too. Went well.

Then went to see my sister’s play for her performing arts exam. It was good. Never thought I’d see the day that Chris Beck (goob in my sister’s year) made me cry. REAL TEARS!!


Then went home. Judged Emily’s puddings. She made 3. But Liam only liked one of them, Claire liked two of them, I think Rebecca only liked 1, and Emily could only have one (vegan and that).

I however like every food. So was the only suitable judge!

Summer Fruits pudding won.

But substituting the raisins in bread and butter pudding for chocolate buttons is a genius idea!!




The usual.


Then went to Leeds to see Failsafe. They were awesome. Actually really good. I was majorly impressed, loads of energy =]

We were gonna stay out, but Jem was tired, which sucks. But never mind. Save it for the weekend =]

Kipped at c-i-t-y court.



Wednesday - TODAY!

I have been at work.


Lunch was top fun!

Went to Subway with Ollie. Tried to steal the olive man. Its just not feasible.

Then we went to Tesco. And mocked it!



Then I got really hyper. And laughed at my own joke.





There is a possibility of Huddersfield with Nina. But my phones dead, so I don’t know if she’s been trying to get in touch or not.

Theres also the fact that I’m presenting in Team Brief tomorrow. Its not like a long presentation or anything… but still, to over 100 people I think… just me… on my own… going pink… stuttering… AHH!

I’ll be fine. I don’t tend to get too nervous or embarrassed anymore. Making a fool of myself is just part of the daily routine =]

So yeh… might not go out…


If not, Its band practice again. With the original Period Blood line-up.

And the projector… So cinema style.

Dunno whether to drink or not though…

I want to, so that I can sing…

But I sorta want my own bed… But then I’d have to drive…




So yeh, that’s it!


byebye x


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Living proof that the camera's lying... [Jun. 14th, 2008|06:15 pm]
[Current Location |Mum's house]
[music |none on =[]

Busy Busy Saturday =[

So. Last night... Firstly... on the way home I bought a packet of salted pistachios.
omg. yum. salty goodness. and they are purple and green =]
I really wanted to drink wine at the same time... but had to drive to Batley... and couldn't bring myself to save any for later.
Not the best in car snack though... car full of shells? yes.

Condom Squad was horrendous... there was no one around.

Boring. Effort   =[

Then I got home. watched some Mighty Boosh.
Want some Baileys? mmm creamy...

Was shocked at the footer scores! And gutted, no points for moi.

Drank the wine,

Then went out.

Then came home. after about an hour.


Has been excessively busy.

11:30-2ish I was in a parade. 
Just giving out leaflets.
Not bad, a lot of walking though!!
And just as we finished it threw it down. sorta lucky...

Next... DRIVE! FAST!
To Leeds!!
Gymnastics, with little 5/6ish year olds... not easy! but I didn't mind.

Next... DRIVE! FAST!!
To Liversedge for usual gym. There were only 5 of them there. 
And the were so well behaved =D.

Thats it. Writing this makes it seem like ages ago... try like, an hour and a half ago...

But yeah, a good day after all.

So I'm gonna go Tesco shopping on the way home. 
It will inspire me as to what I have for tea!
Current ideas are... Noodles, Fajita's, Lasagne... hmm. who knows.

But yeh... then, tea, shower, pyjamas, wine, gamecube, then High School Musical, then fall asleep.

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You only call me after you've had a few... [Jun. 13th, 2008|11:39 am]
[Current Location |Seacroft]
[mood |gloomygloomy]
[music |Plain White T's. So emotional its untrue. I could weep.]

...You only wanna hang out when you've got nothing to do.

Friday holla =]

Works been the usual excessively busy.

So yeah...
Wednesday - Picked up team from airport.... went to bed :)

Thursday - BREAKDANCE!

I will never be a break dance teacher.

Every now and then I get asked to cover the Thursday classes.
An hour and a half of trying to teach rowdy 8 year old boys how to do stuff I can't even do myself... hmm...

Its not so bad.
And means I can afford to go out tonight.
YES I KNOW I said I was staying in. 
But that would be a very bad idea. I'm not good on my own.

Then I went to my mummys.
Talked to JASON and Gary on msn. Did t'interweb stuffs. Drank tea. Spun around on the twisty stitch disk.
Went home, drank wine, watched 2 pints and Malcom in th Middle.
MISSED Big Bang Theory =[

Then Emily got in from work... like half 12 or something... pretty late.
And charged up the stairs! I had no idea what was going on.
But she hadn't seen El since going away =P

Then I went to sleep.



So... work. 
Then... wash my hair!
Then... the Condom Squad hit Batley 8-10pm. Me and Mel. It'll be a laugh.

Then... I've been bailed on by Nina dammit! =[
I'll let her off.

So I'm off out in t'old Dewsboz rock city.
Should be fun. It's been a while tbh. Especially since I've been to Squash, and last time it was Jordan DJ'ing... not so much a fan. Tonight however tis Liam.
Fingers crossed some of the beatdown crue will be out =]

I'm still smushed in the head. 
But texting Gary again. Which is nice. I wasn't being mean, I'm crap at that! Just didn't know how to be appropriate... but yeh, air = cleared = good 
But at least going out in Dewsbury I don't have to worry about collecting random boys. There are none. LOL.

And I'm in two minds about going to the pub after... Could make the whole going a bit mental thing worse if the usual late night clientelle are there. Because I know for a fact I can't help myself. But I also know for a fact that I really should just ditch him. 
But I'm still gonna look super special good. just for the hell of it.
In fact I'm gonna play the rue the day game again. Deffo plan.
Or at least try my bestest. I'm not so good at playing it cool. And the whole "Erm... actually no." thing.

right, hope anyone reading is now 'nuff confused innit.

I got paid early from my last condom missions, so I'm going to buy shoes.


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She was always such a headstrong girl... [Jun. 12th, 2008|01:29 pm]
[Current Location |work]
[mood |blahblah]

Sleepy time?
Been very tired =(

So… yeah… blog…w/c 9th June.

Looooaaaddddssss on. Stresshead. Busy, but sorta interesting too. And all the extra work I’ve brought on myself, so can’t complain.
I feel I’m getting somewhere =]
Presenting in team brief next week. Scary Stuff.
But… brownie points =]

So overall I’m feeling pretty good about work… albeit stressed.

Out of work last week…
I didn’t fall at the fashion show! It went well… I ate excessive free sushi… good times! 

And last weeks team event with work… yes… Roller Disco… was awesome! 

And Thursday’s hot date with Gary was super nice. If I don’t view it with any depth. 

And the weekend was fun times too.
Another top notch City Court BBQ. My kebabs owned.
And me and Matty has teh turkey kebab assembly skillz yeah!

Last week was so much better than this week.

Out of work this week… 

Home Alone. Hongu team were on hols.
I’m jealous! 

Plan was to go see Kung Fu Panda with Nina, turns out its not released until 4th July. FOOLS!
So I went to Mummy’s for a bit. Then went home. 

Got a text wondering if I fancied a visit from Josh.
As if he didn’t already know the answer.
and as if I hadn’t already guessed he wouldn’t show up.
rueing much yet?
dammit =(
I'll get over it one day. If I have to.

So yeah… drank wine and fell asleep.

Did like, nothing!
Really didn’t wanna go dancing. But did, and I’m glad. Need to practise for Dansopolis. NERVOUS! 

Stopped by to see Nina on the way home. She makes me so happy. 

Went home, sent a few texts. Drank wine, fell asleep… on the sofa.
Woke up at 5am. Not good. Went to bed.

So all’s buzzing on the surface. 

I’m just not in the best place inside my head atm. Self esteems through the floor.
I’ll get over it.
This weekend made me realise I really don’t know myself.
Or I do, but theres different sides, and I don’t know which I really am. 

Although… this became a bit clearer this weekend too.
I’ve learnt I’m in no position to share myself with someone else.
Dunno why… I tried so hard as well… but it’s just not working.
It would appear my head and my heart are in complete conflict. 
Because even though, head-wise, the air is cleared and I've explained how it is with me... So basically got what I wanted... And escaped from the situation I'm afraid of... I've still got that horrible feeling in my stomach you get when you lose someone, or they find someone else.


I think I need to practise matching how I act to how I think.

I need to figure out who I am and what I’m about before I even think about getting anyone else involved… 
but then I fall for people too easily. (With good reason though in most recent of cases.)

On a brighter note… 
I also had an awakening on Tuesday as to how important friends are. 
I was feeling pretty damn low, driving round on my own sulking, then met Nina to give her Alton Towers vouchers.
We were talking for the whole of about 20 mins, and in that time managed to catch up… 
I told her everything, and before I knew it, what I’d previously been crying about was now one big joke that we could laugh off, forget and move on from. 

So yeah. Until now I’ve not realised the importance of having friends you can open up to.
I’ve even started rambling at Jem!! Ta Nina =D
Can’t believe we’ve only been close for like a couple of months!! You’re a lifesaver.

Now I’m going to sort my life out  =)
Take care of myself better. (way too much excessive treats and nights out atm!!)
But not get boring of course!!! Still gotta have GOOD TIMES!! 

And cheer up emo kid.

That’s about all the spilling of my guts I can handle for now.
Most of it I can’t find the words for tbh.

Oh and… The bonus DVD for my new Kids in Glass Houses CD is the best thing ever.
Full album karaoke?
Yeah it is!!

Peace outtttttt x 
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NOOOOOOOOOOOO [Jun. 3rd, 2008|01:15 pm]
[Current Location |work]
[music |radio]


I just wrote a huge entry.

Then right clicked the image... and clicked image properties... and all my writing went... not good.

no update today then.

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Thats what she said... [Jun. 2nd, 2008|10:03 am]
[music |Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy]


so this weekend was fun... but i'm nocturnal a bit...

Friday went to see Indiana Jones with Gary. Loved it!! until the aliens showed up. BOO!
that ruined it tbh.

then went out to huddersfield. I forgot how much I like Camel. fun times.
i think i did a backflip... i did one at some point this weekend...

Saturday I woke up, did not want to move :( wasn't hungover though just very happy :)
had to go work for the Pulse. getting people to enter a prize draw in bradford town centre to win an iMac. I wanted it so badly :( swish. even though I can't do macs.

"Rick... wheres right click??"
"you don't right click, stop swearing."
"wheres the mouse buttons?!!? AHHH!"

"ere... internet explorer??"
"no. Safari."
" =/ "

Still wanted it.

So yeah... on the way there do I get pulled over in the middle of bradford town... by a police car, sirens wailing etc...
i panicked a bit! like ahh!

"could you turn off your engine please miss."


"are you aware this car is reported stolen?"

"oh. haha. erm. yes. its not..."

I explained... he found it amusing. They'd picked me up on cameras. there were 5 more cars on the way lol!
But it was their bad to be fair... I un-reported it stolen 3 weeks ago!!

so yeah then went to leeds to try on dresses for the fashion show... which is tonight (AHH!)
They look okay... just sooooo not me!
I'm really looking forward to getting my make-up done though! its either by Dior or Urban Decay. Fingers crossed for urban decay then!
Gonna be pestering for hints and tips all night lol! Might even try net some freebies :o
But yeah. I'm petrified that i'm gonna go arse over tit in those heels... not good!

Went out for Nina's birthday on Sat.... they were all very drunk and squealy and girly! yikes!
Fun though. went to Wire, then Cockpit. Lost Nina in Cockpit... searched for her for like an hour the Egg told me he'd seen her leave... that sucked :(
But the music they played was awesome. i wanted to dance to every single song! EFFORT!! lol.
then got a taxi back with various dewsbury crew and went to the black bull. hung around with Josh and Matt. got kicked out at about 5.30am. Hung around with Josh and Matt some more, then Josh went home and me and Matt went and laughed at the car boot sale. HAHAHAHAHAHA! got in at about 7:15am... not good!

Then slept all day yesterday! cleaned up for a bit. went to rick and jem's.
Meant to dye my hair but fell asleep!! not good!
So I did it this morning... which was interesting. i was still early for work too :)
Gotta look my best for the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah!

so today = work.

tomorrow i'll be discussing tonights events. should be good though! Gonna get my nails done i reckon... and whatever else fun i can get someone to do to me to make me look pretty :)

So in my head... current mood is not good. nearly cried on the way to work this morning for no apparent reason. hmmmm...
Its all in my head though... lifes going fine... just i'm not =/
ah well.
she'll get over it.

and tig has her lip pierced again :) well... she's wearing it again. 

This week I'm looking forwards to. for more than one reason.

Also, I'm not going out for a month! Yep. COS I SAY SO!

Well... the pub for the odd drink, like Huxley on Friday, but no heavy nights out.

It really will do me good.
I'm out all the time to make myself feel better, but it only works while I'm actually out, the next day I just feel even worse :(

Might get a laptop finally if i save enough :)
I reckon four weeks staying in plus what i've got already should be enough :)

So yeh...

...thats it!

Over and Out

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hah [May. 30th, 2008|12:11 pm]
drunk smiley is too funny.

I said drunk not vomit!
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always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the arse... [May. 29th, 2008|09:47 pm]
[Current Location |hongu]
[mood |drunkdrunk]
[music |scouting for boys...? yeah we are!]

wheyy! turns out i can play TigJournal dot com on opera mini... so yeh i'm really gonna get hooked...

i just smashed my thumbnail on the banister... it bleeds ahhh...! boo.
note to self other than i miss you terribly is not to drink wine for no reason.
also, rang ash to make sure he was okay... he is thank god. i had a really graphic dream where he died. and woke up crying. i really miss his face.

now i need mariokart i reckon =D x
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